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21 minutes ago

@wmnscricketblog Hi, Please DM me your email address, I will raise this with our email provider for you > Mike

56 minutes ago

@dapperdan75 If you are not an existing customer then please call 0345 30 400 30 Option 2 to see if Fibre is available for you > Mike

59 minutes ago

@dapperdan75 Hi Danny, Fibre is now available in many areas, please call 0345 30 400 30 Option 5 if you are an existing customer > Mike

1 hour ago

Unfortunately we do not currently have a similar option but if you go to any Tesco store you can purchase a Tesco international calling card

3 hours ago

@HLU1982 Hi Helen, I apologise that we were unable to reach you on Friday, I will call you now > Mike

4 hours ago

@blackpoolant Hi Anthony, I've arranged a call back for Monday evening for you > Mike

4 hours ago

@HLU1982 Hi Helen, I can see we called you on Friday at 19:41 but there was no answer, I have arranged another callback today for you > Mike

4 hours ago

@supermodernista I’m sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced, please DM your number and I will investigate this for you > Mike

21 hours ago

Email issues have now been restored and accounts should be back to normal. Sorry for the delay and inconvenience this has caused >James

23 hours ago

@ajlatimer ..changing the microfilter as it is not unheard of for this to cause 'hiccups' in the signal should they go faulty. >James



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