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8 hours ago

@salotrle Do you have your Account ID number? > Anj

9 hours ago

@salotrle I am sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you DM me your landline number and I will have a look into this for you. > Anj

10 hours ago

@gbronca I'm very sorry to hear this Giovanni. Can you DM your Account number so I can investigate this? >Rick

14 hours ago

@emie129 ..call you at a time convenient for yourself :) If your worried about call cost we are happy to call you straight back >James

14 hours ago

@emie129 Hi Emie, can you call us on 03453040030 so we can guide you through the process? Alternatively, we can arrange for an agent to...

16 hours ago

There is an outage in Burgh Heath at present. Engineers have been sent to fix & we apologise for the inconvenience >James #BurghHeath

17 hours ago

@mrsimoncohen It isnt allowing me to DM you? I can confirm payment but no cease, I will arrange a call for you if you like? >James

18 hours ago

@BarnabyAbbott ..is a label on our website http://t.co/MHyTQORqMO that has the details on too :) >James

18 hours ago

@BarnabyAbbott Hi Barnaby :) There should be a freepost address sticker in the box we sent the router in. If you do not have this, there...

18 hours ago

@mrsimoncohen ..correct account for yourself? Sorry about this >James



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