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4 hours ago

@robjphotography Hi Rob, I’m sorry to hear about this, Please DM your landline or account number so I can investigate this for you > Mike

9 hours ago

@PearlPhotog Glad to hear! If you have any other issues or difficulties, please don't hesitate to let me know >James

9 hours ago

@PearlPhotog I would also advise using a different filter to ensure that the signal is not being hampered. Sorry about this >James

9 hours ago

@PearlPhotog ..channel setting to improve your signal wirelessly as your router is getting 6.6Mbps which is between the estimates of 5-10...

9 hours ago

@PearlPhotog Sorry but I am unable to DM you back? Your line is clear which suggests that the issue lies elsewhere. I have altered the...

9 hours ago

@PearlPhotog Im sorry to hear you have been experiencing difficulties, could you DM your landline so I can look into this for you? >James

1 day ago

@MichellePat4 I’m sorry to hear about this issue, if you DM a contact number I will have our technical team contact you > Mike

1 day ago

@MassMarioni The engineer has gone to your local exchange to diagnose the cause, if access to your property is needed we will be in touch

1 day ago

@MassMarioni A BT engineer has been dispatched to resolve the issue, we will contact you once we have any further info, sorry for the delay

1 day ago

@bedwellmum I'm sorry as we would need you to speak to a Tech agent directly, please call 0345 3040030 or provide a number to call you on.



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