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5 hours ago

@Coodham Apologies for the late reply, can you DM me your account number? I'll arrange a call back for you today. Thanks>Kafeel

5 hours ago

@nic_mccormack Realy sorry to hear this. Please DM me yopur account number and I'll have look. Thanks>Kafeel

5 hours ago

@StottFace Hi, sorry to hear this. Please DM me your account number and I'll have a look for you. Thanks>Kafeel

1 day ago

@Coodham Unless this issue is occuring on the Tesco Webmail I would be unable to help as we do not support 3rd party clients. >Adam

1 day ago

@Coodham That may be an error message being given by Outlook itself. Are you still able to send via the Webmail without an error? >Adam

2 days ago

@Coodham Hi there, are you using the Tesco Webmail or an email program such as Outlook? >Adam

2 days ago

@StottFace Hi there, do you receive any specific error message when sending? >Adam

3 days ago

@townhill263 Thanks, I've reactivated the account. Please can you try to log in and let me know if you still have any problems. >Adam

3 days ago

@townhill263 Just so that I can resolve this issue for you, please can you DM me the answer to 'what is your mother's maiden name?' >Adam

3 days ago

@townhill263 Hi there. Sure thing, I'll have a look into this for you now. >Adam



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