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19 hours ago

@shona1992east As soon as we receive the engineers report, we will provide you with a new appointment. >Rick

19 hours ago

@shona1992east I'm very sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, we rely on BT engineer to meet their appointments..........

21 hours ago

@Wilkesy93 No problem, can you DM your phone number so we can arrange the call? :) >James

21 hours ago

@Wilkesy93 ..call yourself to guide you through any processes you are uncertain of? No obligation of course :) >James

21 hours ago

@Wilkesy93 Hi Ashley, it is dependant on various factors including the line in place at present. If you like I can arrange for an agent to..

23 hours ago

@Footballerbrain Hi, is there a convenient time for us to call you to discuss this? Please DM your landline so I can find the account >James

23 hours ago

@disastrid ..unfortunately which is why we send a spare in the box with the router. >James

23 hours ago

@disastrid The microfilter is the 'splitter' box which the landline and router both plug into. It is not unheard of for them to go faulty...

1 day ago

@disastrid ..router connected into the master socket at present? Sorry about this >James

1 day ago

@disastrid ...and so I would advise changing the microfilter in use to ensure it isn't causing a 'hiccup' in the signal. Also, is the...



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