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7 hours ago

The outage in the GREAT CROSBY area has now been resolved, thank you for your patience #greatcrosby

7 hours ago

There is an outage in the GREAT CROSBY area, engineers are on site and it will be fixed asap, sorry for any inconvenience #greatcrosby

10 hours ago

@BillyMcDiarmid Best way would be to call out Tech team on 0345 3040030 between 9am-9pm, or I can arrange a call back? >Dave

1 day ago

@Shawspeed10 No problem Craig. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. >Rick

1 day ago

@Chris_Grimes Could you DM your Account or Telephone number and I'll arrange a call from our Technical team? >Rick

1 day ago

@docherty_paddy We've not received the engineers report as of yet, however this will in included when we receive it. >Rick

1 day ago

@docherty_paddy Sorry about the misinformation. It may be before midnight, however we have to advise that it can take up to midnight. >Rick

1 day ago

@docherty_paddy Hi Paddy. The activation can take place any time up until midnight. We will text your mobile as soon as you are Live. >Rick

1 day ago

@n111ptl I'm, sorry to hear about your connection. Our Technical team can help you if you're available. >Rick

1 day ago

@PCroz13 I'm sorry to hear this. If you could DM your Account number I can arrange a call from our Tech team when you're available? >Rick



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