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2 hours ago

@SamClinch2 Hi, do you have a fault with your service? If so then DM us your details and we will contact you ASAP

6 hours ago

@indranil2u I've passed your details over to our Tech team and they will be calling you shortly >Dave

10 hours ago

@t1mbo83 Hey, sorry to hear that, if you DM me your number ill check your account for you >Dave

10 hours ago

@indranil2u Hey, sorry to hear your having broadband issues, if you DM me your numer ill look into it for you >Dave

1 day ago

@HalalCandies ..let me know when you have done this and I will run another test on the line. > Anj

1 day ago

@HalalCandies ..equipment from your master socket and unscrew the two screws on the front of the socket and remove the plastic facing and..

1 day ago

@HalalCandies ..need to run another test without the faceplate on the front of the master socket. Would you be able to remove all the..

1 day ago

@HalalCandies I have run another line test and it does show there is a fault on the line, but this can be caused by equipment. I would..

1 day ago

@rayzorblade ..be able to conflict with your router's signal, such as a cordless phone, wireless TV, etc.. > Anj



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