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9 hours ago

@townhill263 Thanks, I've reactivated the account. Please can you try to log in and let me know if you still have any problems. >Adam

9 hours ago

@townhill263 Just so that I can resolve this issue for you, please can you DM me the answer to 'what is your mother's maiden name?' >Adam

9 hours ago

@townhill263 Hi there. Sure thing, I'll have a look into this for you now. >Adam

1 day ago

@l4illi Hi there, no problems that I am aware of at the moment. Please can you DM me your landline number and I'll check it out. >Adam

1 day ago

@KPReflexology I do apologise for the inconvenience however, unfortunately we would only be able to help you with the settings. <Billy

2 days ago

@KPReflexology The only support we provide is in regards to settings, which can be found here: https://t.co/8FUsWVlt6G >Adam

2 days ago

@KPReflexology Unfortunately we do not provide support for Outlook. We would suggest using the Webmail instead. >Adam

2 days ago

@KPReflexology Hi there, are you using webmail on your computer? >Adam

2 days ago

@BlairBoles We have to allow our Networking team 48 hours to investigate the issue, they will then provide an update. >Adam

2 days ago

@BlairBoles I can see that your fault is already being investigated by our Networking team at the moment. >Adam



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