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7 hours ago

@siouxian I'm glad to hear everything is working as normal again but if there are any issues, just let me know :) >James

8 hours ago

@siouxian Im sorry to hear of your issues! Can you DM your landline so I can look into this for you? >James

1 day ago

@MassMarioni Hi, Theres no outages in your area, Please DM your landline or account number and I will investigate this for you > Mike

1 day ago

@indranil2u Hi, Please DM me your email address and mothers maiden name so I can reactivate the account for you > Mike

2 days ago

@303Stevedyer ..concerns regarding call cost, our agents are more than happy to call you straight back. >James

2 days ago

@303Stevedyer ..and we will be able to answer all questions you may have. This is a free call from any Tesco landline but if you have any...

2 days ago

@303Stevedyer Apologies Steve but for full information regarding Talk Talk you would need to contact our agents directly on 0345 30 400 30..

2 days ago

@gladiusreign Our Tech guys will call you on your mobile once we receive an update Alex, sorry for the delay! >James

2 days ago

@AodhanC Sorry to hear of your issues Aodhan, can you DM your land line number so I can look into this for you? >James

2 days ago

@303Stevedyer We do not have a set date as of yet but when this begins, our customers will be made aware. Sorry about the confusion >James



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