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2 hours ago

@soobee62 Very strange. Are you trying from a landline? If so could you try from a mobile? We'll ring you straight back so you avoid costs.

2 hours ago

@soobee62 No that we're aware of. Can you kindly confirm the number you are dialing? >Rick

9 hours ago

@sarahdu05554993 Thanks for letting me know Sarah :) any issues at all just let me know >James

9 hours ago

@sarahdu05554993 ..email so our back office team can ensure this is resolved as quickly as possible. Sorry about this Sarah >James

9 hours ago

@sarahdu05554993 ..back office team via email and you have been advised on diagnostics to ensure this is resolved ASAP. Please reply via...

9 hours ago

@sarahdu05554993 Sorry for the delay Sarah but upon investigation into the account I can see that you have since been in contact with our...

11 hours ago

@annette1910 We are following you too so im quite confused as to why we cannot DM you >James

11 hours ago

@annette1910 I dont know why Annette? :( There's a security question 'What is your Mother's Maiden Name?' in place. Please confirm >James

11 hours ago

@ElliottJarrold Sorry to hear of your issues Elliott, can you DM your email address so I can look into this for you? >James

11 hours ago

@annette1910 Im sorry to hear of your difficulties, can you DM your email address so I can look into this for you? >James



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