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Tesco Broadband & Homephone Code of Practice

An introduction to our company and our partners
Our Product Portfolio
Our Commitment to you
How to contact us
Sales & Marketing
Ending your contract with us
Our Pricing
Number Porting
Directory Enquiries
Services for the elderly or disabled
Data protection
Useful Addresses

An introduction to our company and our partners

Tesco Broadband is owned and operated by Tesco Stores Limited, a company registered in England whose registered office is at: Tesco House, Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire EN8 9SL. Company Registration No. 519500. VAT No. GB220 4302 31.

We use the following partners to deliver our services:

1. Vodafone provide us with network services to support Tesco Broadband with Calls and Tesco Broadband Only using Local Loop Unbundling (LLU). These services are only provided in a limited geographical area covering about 55% of UK households.

2. Where Vodafone do not have network coverage they sub-contract services from BT Wholesale to provide a similar product set. Because the cost base is different and the regulator sets the wholesale prices that BT must charge Vodafone the prices we charge you for these products are generally higher. We call this being outside our network area.

3. The telephone line that we provide you as part of the Tesco Home Phone only service is provided by BT Wholesale (again sub-contracted by Vodafone) and the calls are provided by Vodafone.

Our Product Portfolio

Tesco Broadband provides four services as listed in our Terms and Conditions in Clause 1.2. These are:

1. "Tesco Broadband With Calls" our broadband service, which comes with telephone line rental and telephone calls included.

2. "Tesco Broadband Only" our broadband only service, without telephone line rental or calls.

3. "Tesco Home Phone" our home phone only service.

4. "Tesco.net Email" our email service which we may offer you in addition to one of the options above. This will consist of an email address or addresses.

Our Commitment to you

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of customer service. We provide you, telecommunication services purchased from wholesale provider(s) carefully chosen by us to ensure that we can offer a quality service to you and we make every reasonable effort to supply services that satisfy your requirements. We adhere to all relevant laws and regulations.

How to contact us

Please click here to contact us.

Sales & Marketing

How to signup Tesco Broadband and Homephone service:

Call us: 0345 30 400 30 (9am - 9pm Mon – Sat, 9am – 6pm Sun. Calls may be monitored and recorded for training and quality purposes).

Go Online:

We might call you: Our sales agents may contact you between 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM Mon – Sat or 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM Sun (We will only contact you to update you on your service).


We work in accordance with the UK Advertising codes which are written by the advertising industry called Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP), Full code can be view online at

Sales, marketing, advertising and promotional activity

All our advertising and promotional activity adheres to the principles of the UK Advertising Codes, which can be found www.asa.org.uk. We always aim to ensure that our advertising and promotional literature are clear, unambiguous, accurate and fair. We also ensure the information is not false or misleading regarding price, value or service.

We will respect your preferred method of contact including paper mail, telephone, Fax or email.

Recruitment and sales training

To ensure that our employees’ act responsibly at all times, we follow strict procedures in the selection and training of staff that have direct sales and marketing contact with customers. We also ensure that all our sub-contractors and agencies use equivalent selection and training procedures and remuneration (payment) systems.

When recruiting new sales staff, we take references and carry out relevant background check in considering whether applicants are suitable.

We train our sales and marketing employees to ensure they have a good understanding of our services and of industry practices and do not give our customers inaccurate or misleading advice.

Our sales staff are familiar with the relevant aspects of consumer protection law, the content and interpretation of this code and the benefits it provides to customers.

Our remuneration systems for sales and marketing personnel are designed to discourage misleading or exploitative sales practices.

Customer Contact

Our representatives are trained to be courteous, to use appropriate language and to offer clear and straightforward explanations. They must offer only factual and accurate information about our services and contracts and must not misrepresent our services or those of other companies.

Our representatives will cease contact with anyone who indicates that the contact is inconvenient, unwelcome, inappropriate or too long. At your request, the discussion will be ended immediately.

Our representatives will not abuse the trust of vulnerable customers, for example people who are elderly or who have special needs, or whose first language is not English.

We will not target sales or marketing activity at people who are under the legal age (18 years) for entering into contracts.

To ensure we maintain the above standards, we keep the records of our sales and marketing activity for at least six months. Records include the date and the approximate time of the contact with you. To help us deal with any complaints or queries, all such records clearly identify the salesperson(s) who made the call or visit.

On outbound calls our representatives will immediately identify themselves, state our company name, the purpose of the call and how long it should take.


We carry out regular audits of our systems, procedures and documents we use for sales and marketing.

Ending your contract with us

1. For details of how you can end your contract with us please see Clause 25 in our Terms and Conditions.

 2. Your contract may be subject to a minimum commitment. We outline the commitment length to you in your welcome pack. If you aren’t sure what minimum commitment relates to you please contact us using the details in the contact us section.

 3. If you cancel before the end of your Minimum Term you may have to pay an Early Termination Charge and you may have to refund the price of your router. These will be outlined in the welcome pack we send you.

Our Pricing

1. Tesco Broadband will provide you with a summary price list specific to the package or promotion you chose when you sign-up to one of our services.  This will be included in our ‘welcome pack’ and will be posted to you a few days after you sign-up for the service.

 2. We also publish a standard price list which you can view here. This will include the prices for our standard packages. Please note that if you signed up to a special offer or promotion, or we no longer sell your package your specific price list may be different and you should refer in this case to the summary price list we sent you.  If you aren’t sure what price list relates to you please contact us using the details in the Contact us section.

 3. If you do not receive a welcome pack, or if you lose it, you can get a new copy of the price list by emailing our customer service team using the contact details in the Contact us section.

 4. There may also be some one-off charges – for termination and for certain maintenance services and these can be found on the online summary price list.

 5. We also publish a detailed calls price list on our website. This will detail the prices for every international destination, and every type of UK telephone number and runs to over 100 pages.  You should refer to this document if you are unsure about the price of a call after reading the summary price list.

 6. Some of our packages contain inclusive calls.  Your specific summary price list will detail these.

 7. Tesco Broadband does not make specific charges for usage.


1. More details on the billing process and what happens if you fail to pay your bills can be found in Clauses 15 and 21 of our Terms and Conditions.

 2. We will provide you with a monthly itemised bill.  These bills will be available online and we will email you when they are ready. For a small charge you can chose to have the itemised bill posted to you.

 3. We will request payment from your bank or credit card around 10 to 14 days.  (This time period may vary. However, the date on which the money will be requested will always be displayed on your bills).

4. Our standard payment mechanism is by Direct Debit; at our discretion we may allow payment by credit card mandate or one-off credit card payments. We will endeavour to issue your first bill within a week of you going live on the service.  Because your line rental and broadband subscriptions are paid in advance, we will have to collect an additional amount of money on this first bill to cover the period from your service being live to your first bill, as well as your normal monthly charge.

 5. If your go live date is delayed, we may not be able to meet this first bill date, in which case you may have to wait up to a month for your first bill, and the charge in arrears will be larger.

 6. Prompt payment helps to keep our prices low.  Please call us as soon as possible if you feel you will have difficulty paying your bill and we will do what we can to help.

 7. If your bill is not paid on time we will begin our debt recovery process which may result in suspension or cancellation of your service.  If your bill remains unpaid after this we may pass on your details to a debt collection agency.

 8. We may also suspend or cancel your service if we reasonably believe you have no intention to pay, fraud is being committed or your calling pattern is unusual.

Number Porting

1. Where you sign-up to Tesco Broadband with Calls or Tesco Home Phone we will ‘port’ your number from your previous provider (except for a new line or where you have asked us not to).  Generally this porting happens at the same time as we put your service live, but in some cases this may take a few hours, and occasionally overnight.  During this time you should be able to use your broadband and make outgoing calls, but you will not receive incoming calls.

 2. In the unlikely event that the port is not completed by midnight the following day you will be entitled to compensation from us.  This compensation will be no greater than 1/30 of your monthly line rental and broadband subscription, per day of delay.  The compensation will be paid on request.

Directory Enquiries

During sign-up we may have asked for your directory preference, but if we didn’t we will have placed you ‘ex-directory’.  You may change your preference by contacting Customer Services.  Remember, being ex-directory doesn’t mean you won’t get telemarketing calls. To opt-out of telemarketing calls you need to click here and register with the Telephone Preference Service.


Complaints about sales and marketing are dealt with under the procedures set out in our Code of Practice for Complaints Handling which can be found here.

Our Code of Practice for Complaints Handling sets out how you may register a complaint and how we handle your complaint (including how long we will take to investigate your complaint, what we record and how we protect your data).

Our Code of Practice also outlines how you may escalate your complaint if it is has not been dealt with to your satisfaction or it has taken us longer than 8 weeks to resolve.  Our Code informs you that you have the right to take your complaint to our industry ombudsman (details below).

You can also ask for advice from your local Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

Services for the elderly or disabled

If you inform us that you are registered disabled and provide evidence on request, we will provide you with the following services:

 Free Tesco Directory Enquires if you are unable to use a printed directory, with through-connection to the requested number*

 Check on the status of your order

 Bills and contracts in formats such as large print, Braille or audio.

 Priority fault repair if you depend on your landline because of disability.

 Access at no charge to an approved Text Relay service if you are deaf or speech-impaired.

 A secondary contact on your account so that you can nominate a friend or relative to act on your behalf.

 Two ways to contact us – by telephone (including using Text Relay) or by email.
*Please note, calls to Premium Rate Numbers and Personal Numbers are charged at the prevailing rate.

Data protection

Tesco Stores Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office to hold information necessary to supply services to our customers.

Useful Addresses

Ombudsman Services: Communications, PO Box 730, Warrington, WA4 6WU Tel: 0330 440 1614 http://www.ombudsman-services.org/communications.

Ofcom - Riverside House, 2a Southwark, Bridge Road, London SE1 9HA. Tel: 0300 123 3000. http://www.ofcom.org.uk.

Direct Marketing Association - DMA House, 70 Margaret Street, Londin W1W 8SS Tel: 020 7291 3300 http://www.dma.org.uk.

Federation of Communication Services (FCS) - Burnhill Business Centre,
Provident House, Burrell Row, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1AT. Tel: 020 8249 6363

If you wish to find details of your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards department you can search on the following websites:

Citizens Advice -

Institute of Trading Standards Administration - http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk

This code has been licensed by The Federation of Communication Services Limited 2005

Licence number 005214

Published: August 2012. Correct at the time of printing. © The Federation of Communication Services Limited 2005 and © Tesco Stores Limited.